Spectrum Electoral Demographics offers a variety of products to illustrate the voter landscape in different ways. Our packages typically include a voter profile and demographic poll maps, with ad-hoc targeting and custom profiliing also available.

Voter Profile

- The core analysis of Spectrum, voter profiles show the demographic strengths and weaknesses of each party within your electoral district. Compared against the riding average for each demographic, the voter profile is a powerful tool for understanding voting patterns and developing strategies.

Demographic Poll Maps

- Spectrum produces maps of chosen demographics illustrating their geographic concentration. These maps show the poll boundaries used in the last election so they can be understood from an electoral context. Spectrum's maps are prepared to match those of so they can be compared and analyzed together.

Ad-hoc Targeting

- Spectrum can help you target a demographic for telephone, mailing, canvass, or other communication efforts. We can provide lists of postal walks, polls, or postal codes to target for optimal results.

Custom Profiling

- We can analyze your identified vote, sign locations, survey or issue responders, or other group to determine their demographics, allowing strategies to reach more like-minded people. We can also analyze multiple elections to study the change in support in each demographic - an insightful way to target groups accessible to your message.

Spectrum offers a wide range of demographic, consumer spending, lifestyle, and psychographic variables to study.

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