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Electoral demographics is the study of voting patterns of people based on their similarities and differences. Indicators such as income, ethnicity, language, education, home ownership, type of work, and other demographics can help us understand why certain people support one political party or candidate over others.

In general from broad research, on-the-ground knowledge, and collective wisdom we are accustomed to believing that certain groups support certain parties, however it has been difficult in the past to apply this knowledge to voting results in order to measure these patterns.

Spectrum Electoral Demographics uses detailed postal code level demographics, consumer behaviour, lifestyle, and research data and correlates them with election results data to analyze voting trends in groundbreaking new ways. We produce data at the poll level - the same boundaries used on the electoral map to count votes - to provide strategic insights and to gain an understanding of demographics in an electoral context.

For candidates: Spectrum can provide intelligence to guide your outreach, communications, and canvassing strategies. Understanding the electoral demographics can help you target your time and resources most effectively.

For political parties: Spectrum can analyze local, regional, provincial, and national trends or break out the electoral demographics within particular groups. We can also determine the profile of people responding to issues or of identified supporters, and target areas with more of the same people.

For elected representatives: Spectrum can give you a clear picture of which communities and groups of people have supported you, and which need outreach, in order for you to provide better representation.

For academics and media: Spectrum can research recent past elections at different levels of government to better understand the political landscape, including voter turnout demographics and trends, and shifts between parties, and to add knowledge to the political discourse.

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